Using Nomenclatures in TeXnicCenter


Nomenclatures cannot be processed automatically by TeXnicCenter.

This is easily solved with a few changes in the build configuration:


  1. Press Alt+F7 to go to the Profile
  2. Select the desired profile (e.g. LaTeX=>PDF)
  3. Select the Postprocessor tab
  4. Press the “dotted square” icon (left from the red “x”)
  5. Name the new command (e.g. Nomenclature)
  6. In the executable path below, write: C:\Program Files\MiKTeX 2.7\miktex\bin\makeindex.exe (or whatever path the file makeindex.exe is located)
  7. In the arguments, write: –s “%tm.nlo” -o “%tm.nls”


You can test it works with the following code:




\section*{Main Result}


\nomenclature{$c$}{Speed of light}%



26 Responses to “Using Nomenclatures in TeXnicCenter”

  1. 1 TeXnicCenter User

    Just what I was looking for. Superb! Thanks

  2. 2 M

    Perfect! :)

  3. 3 Haner

    Its very useful, thanks a lot!

  4. Hm, it’s not working. I can see that the nomenclature file is created (and contains 2 entries), but \printnomenclature shows an empty page.

    Do I need to have style definitions for the nomenclature i.e., is there no default style for nomenclature items?

  5. 5 nayer

    I can’t do it. What should be written on “input redirection” and “output redirection”? and on MakeIndex at (La)Tex tab?
    When I build MakeIndex, it says “couldn’t find input index file C:/..” (where the project is). Any ideas?? thnx, I’ve spent so much time trying to use nomenclature package…

  6. 6 Troels

    You should update the last step to
    In the arguments, write: -s “%tm.nlo” -o “%tm.nls”

    This is due to security restrictions in newer makeindex.exe not allowing absolute paths!

    • 7 Mykahveli

      Worked! Thank You. Demetrios should update this very usefull post.

  7. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Troels! I was getting worried I’d never have a glossary!

  8. 9 Neelima

    Thank you very much. It works

  9. 10 LeLe

    Simple + Efficient = Perfect

  10. 11 DM

    I could not get the above to work (no compile errors but no nomenclature showed up), but the tip on this page worked for me:

  11. 12 Douwe

    It did not work with texniccenter for me yet.
    I use the 64 bit version of miktex!
    Could this be the reason for not working?

  12. 13 Neil


    I am running MiKTex 2.9 with TeXnicCenter Alpha version for my thesis.
    I need to add the nomenclature to my thesis and I tried exactly as mention above in the suggestions.

    I tried to run the same example however, I did not get the nomenclature list in the output.
    There are no errors but The message: “Input Index file Test.idx is not found”.
    Why is this file missing? How can I correct it?

    I need your help.

    Thanks in advance.

  13. 14 Mr. N

    Hello Everyone,
    Can you suggest how can I get the “Nomencl” running in TeXnicCenter Alpha 4 and MiKTex 2.9 for my thesis.

    I did everything that has been suggested in this but not able to get the output list of the Nomenclature.

    Is there any update missing ???


    Mr. N.

    • 15 Pat Eitsch

      Just change the argument line to: -s %tm.nlo -o %tm.nls i.e. remove all “. This worked for me.

      • 16 Ida

        Worked for me as well! Thank you so much for the advise!

  14. 17 Mat

    Hey there,

    I am trying to get this running but apparently the .nls file is not created:

    “No file test.nls.”

    Any ideas what the problem could be? I am running TexnicCenter 1 RC 1 on Windows7 with MikTex 2.9.

    Thanks a lot for your help!


  15. 18 Mat

    Ok, don’t worry, problem resolved. It’s my own stupidity. I did not put the right version of MikTeX. Thanks anyway for presenting this convenient solution!


  16. Thank you for that, Worked perfectly.

  17. 20 Joana

    Thanks so much, really helpfull! :)

  18. 21 Kai

    Just in case anyone else is as stupid as me and is using a temporary folder for all the auxiliary files, following the instructions at:

    In that case (of course) one must also specify that path to the makeindex postprocessor, assuming “tmp” is your temporary folder :

    -s “%dm\tmp\%tm.nlo” -o “%dm\tmp\%tm.nls”

    Other than that, thanks a lot for the instructions! They work like a charm.

  19. 22 MaSt

    Hi there,
    i’ve read the instruction but i wasn’t able to creat a nomenclature. i’m using texniccenter 2.0 with miktex 2.9.
    can anybody help?

  20. 23 Batista

    Sir, Danke sehr!

  21. 24 casp

    This problem has been driving me crazy… Thanks to your post I got it to work! Thanks!

  22. 25 Abdullah

    Thanks :)

  1. 1 Adding a glossary to a latex document | pauljburke

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